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In order to be entitled to affordable search engine optimisation you are going to have to put in a little bit of work. You are going to have to spend time studying and testing different techniques.

If you are business owner and cannot afford to pay for a search engine optimisation consultant then there are a few fundamentals you need to be aware of that novices everywhere just don’t seem to grasp.

When learning optimisation you are really learning how to optimise for Google. Why, because Google have a 60 percent search share of all search engine traffic and own provide search results for much smaller engines such as Ask and AOL.

So your wondering how do we optimise in order to prevail in the profitable Google rankings. Well there are lots of things to consider but today I want to consider 4 of them, and I feel these are the most important. They are PageRank, LocalRank, anchor text links and semantics.

PageRank is an absolute value given to one of your web pages, remember Google indexes web pages not sites. Page Rank will depend on a number of factors but is mainly focused on inbound links and how many sites from its index link to yours. It is not just quantity that PageRank is based on, it is also quality. A quality link will consist of a few things, it must come from a relevant, high PR page that has unique regularly updated content. That is the perfect link.

Local Rank is something people are less familiar with but it is basically a scaled down version of PageRank. Local rank very much depends on the link structure of your site. Links from local business or directories will give you are higher score for searches from that area, also a good local rank score will be very influential on your overall PR.

Anchor text linking is the one every newbie seems to struggle with and it is so simple. If I have a link from a site it will give me no value if that link says, great site click here, however if I had an seo site and the link said, search engine optimisation, that would give me some link juice or weight.

Semantics is a new edition to the Google software and without making things too complex it basically analyzes content on your site. It knows what words mean and when they should be used together, it uses semantics to run its AdSense program and it also helps to stop keyword spammers. This is a part of the Google formula that most webmasters seem to ignore, however it should be kept in mind when writing content and linking.

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